Transitioning or just learning to use Google Analytics 4 (GA4) can be a daunting task, especially amongst all the other work and priorities for a business. That said, with the July changeover date quickly approaching, getting comfortable with these tools will be essential for any marketer or website owner to avoid a nasty surprise when Universal Analytics stops collecting data later this year. There’s a lot changing, and even more to come as the platform evolves. Check out Bluetext’s guide to the differences, similarities and how best to implement. 

Thankfully in 2023, there are now several ways to learn more about Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Here are several resources the Bluetext team has found helpful in gaining knowledge & certifications:

Google Analytics Help Center: Being the authoritative voice in GA4 documentation, the Google Analytics Help Center is an unsurprisingly great place to start. It provides detailed information on how to set up and use GA4, as well as best practices for tracking user behavior and interpreting your data. While at times the language may be dense and often lacking examples, the Help Center should nonetheless be the first destination for any GA4-related inquiry. However, treating it like a cover-to-cover read would be ill-advised, the documentation is simply too dense for that kind of approach.

Skillshop Google Analytics Courses: Google has partnered with the online learning platform Skillshop to offer free courses on a wide range of analytics and measurement topics, including GA4. The best part of the Skillshop courses is they offer a wide variety of courses suitable for any engagement and knowledge level, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned analytics expert. The GA4 Fundamentals course (“Discover the Next Generation of Google Analytics”) is a great place to start if you’re new to the platform, while certification is a great goal for marketers who deal with analytics daily. Being an official Google partner will give you confidence that the knowledge you attain will be relevant for years to come.

Google Blogs and articles: There are many blogs and articles that cover GA4 and provide tips and best practices for using the platform. Unlike the official documentation in the Help Center, many of these blogs leverage real-world case studies to offer a more handheld, realistic experience of implementing and troubleshooting GA4. Some good places to start include the official Google Analytics blog, Analytics Mania (which offer some of the most in-depth tutorials), and Simo Ahava’s blog, which offers a great high-level overlook of the newest features within GA4.

Official GA4 Community: Joining Google Analytics community is another great way to learn about GA4. Here you can find many experienced users and experts, who are happy to help and share their knowledge. The massive size of this forum means that it is quite likely some other individual has run into similar (if not the same) roadblocks and needed a workaround. Topics are also helpfully gathered into relevant topic tags, like “Implementation” and “Reporting”.

It’s worth mentioning that GA4 is relatively new, so many resources and best practices are still evolving and being developed, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments in the GA4 space. While these resources are among the best as of January 2023, the speed at which GA4 develops may also bring about newer communities and information sources that can and will supersede the resources listed today.

If you need help or consulting regarding GA4 and you couldn’t find a solution through these resources alone, contact Bluetext about our GA4 consultation and implementation services. Bluetext’s project management team takes pride in staying up to date on the latest certifications, including GA4, to support their client’s needs.

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