Our Challenge

With three official years under their belt in the government contracting space, technology and consulting expert Aperio Global turned to Bluetext to help transform their brand and set themselves up for success over the upcoming years. Aperio Global required new messaging, visual identity, and website to compete with other prime contractors and set themselves apart from the competition.

Website Design & Development

With newly defined capabilities and solutions, Aperio Global was ready to expand their website and showcase their business growth over the past three years and into the future. Bluetext developed a full new user experience system that allowed for a scalable design system that could grow alongside Aperio Global. The new brand system and messaging elegantly came to life in custom modules and refreshed content.

Aperio Web Motion GIF

Brand & Collateral

Bluetext developed a new clean visual identity system that could easily scale across the new website and collateral. Using the existing logo icon as a basis of the brand, Bluetext developed brand elements that could be used in underlaying and overlaying techniques, reinforcing the idea that Aperio Global's immerses themselves into their customers' problems to help them solve for next.


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