Social networking and search engine optimization will be forever linked and integrated for progressive marketing strategies. Good marketers know that the two work hand in hand and the linkage is growing more powerful daily. This graphic summarizes the Social SEO cycles in today’s hyper-connected environment.


As innovation in search and social continues, these platforms and ecosystems will continue to find valuable integration pathways between one another. As brands fight for relevancy and stay on the edge of what’s hot, the two systems truly need one another. I believe these brand categories will blur into a consolidated category. Will this just be “media” or will this be truly “digital media.” User experience consultants can help their clients by creating digital media strategies to embrace these changing times.




Here are 10 reasons to rethink your social strategy with a complete SEO integrated layer:


1.  Search engines are smarter than ever before. You must embrace their new inteligence. The value of truly earned organic, editorial links will only continue to increase in value.


2.  Earned links are the modern media hit factories of yesterday. A strong social strategy will earn a growing amount of editorially-earned links daily.


3.  Being fresh with your editorial pace and content will enable you to get more link baits for authoritative domain fish out in the sea.


4.  Frequent Updates = frequent visits by spiders, humans and everything in between.


5.  Social web success brings increasing returns. Likes and other rating systems influence search algorithyms.


6.  Social is sustainable.  An honest, well-nurtured community strategy will naturally progress, keep you focused, and build domain authority.


7.  Links aren’t good enough. You need strong PR digitally and offline. Strong endorsements contextually to your brand will help your digital reputation strategy.


8.  Ride the wave. With 600 million people spending 30 minutes a day on Facebook, your focus should be there.


9.  Social scavengers produce links more likely than any other first-time brand user.


10. Stay compelling and of high quality when producing content.