Welcome to another exciting episode of Digital Doorways, the podcast that unlocks the secrets to success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. I’m thrilled to introduce our guest today, Matt Wilson, the CEO of 500°, an ad agency that’s been revolutionizing the way food brands like Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons merchandise in an era of constant digital transformation. Matt’s agency has not only elevated in-store experiences but played a pivotal role in the legendary launch of the chicken sandwich that made waves across America.

Digital Doorways is all about change and how CEOs leverage branding, positioning, and marketing to navigate change effectively. In today’s episode, we’ll delve into Matt’s insights on the dynamic world of quick-serve restaurant marketing, where adaptability and innovation are paramount. We’ll also explore how Matt, as the CEO of Eastport Holdings, manages a diverse collection of marketing firms across various industries, all while steering through the ever-changing tides of business.

What makes this episode even more special is the personal connection Matt and I share. Our bond is not just professional; it’s rooted in family and friendship. Matt’s cousin and my mentor, Jan Wessling, played an influential role in both our careers. Jan not only gave Matt his first corporate job at Marriott but also entrusted me with one of my initial website projects. We both consider Jan not only a mentor but family and a dear friend. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Eastport Holdings purchased my agency, Bluetext, in 2017, solidifying the intertwining paths of our professional journeys.

So, fasten your seatbelts for an enlightening conversation that will leave you hungry for knowledge and innovation, as we explore how CEOs like Matt Wilson leverage branding, positioning, and marketing to navigate change successfully in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. Welcome, Matt Wilson!