I’m thrilled to introduce a true luminary today, someone who has not only weathered the winds of change but has thrived amid them – Paul Frommelt. Paul is a visionary in marketing leadership in private equity ecosystems, a maestro orchestrating the convergence of innovation and business acumen.

Paul’s voyage through the corporate landscape has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by remarkable achievements. Most notably, his leadership catapulted Centauri, backed by Arlington Capital Partners, into the limelight with an astounding $850 million acquisition by KBR. Today, destiny’s hand reunites Paul Frommelt and CEO Dennis Kelly, courtesy of Arlington Capital Partners, for yet another transformative venture – Eqlipse Technologies. As we embark on this voyage of insights, we’ll traverse the crossroads of digital and traditional marketing, explore the art of uniting brands for profitable outcomes, and unravel the secrets behind sustaining impactful branding amidst a sea of change.