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Custom Animated Introductions

Our 3D animation team can:

  • 3D recreation of your office building with dynamic fly-throughs
  • Superimposed executive speakers into the briefing centers
  • Introduces the experience/event to the user

Keynote Speakers

  • Superimposed presenter with screens to show their content to emulate in-person experiences
  • Add up to four screens to host a presentation, video, and social feeds
  • Users can learn more about the speaker prior to the start of the briefing by viewing the keynote speaker’s name, picture, biography, and contact information in the Speaker’s panel
  • Speaker information is available to the user in navigation whenever users need to reference

Host Workshops

  • Choose a New Workshop menu option
  • Users can join different workshops, based on their interests
  • Live video, presentation, and chat integration for users to learn more information specific to their interests

Executive Presentations

  • Pre-recorded presenters can be superimposed standing at the podium
  • Screens can be modified for each briefing
  • All briefs are able to be archived and accessed again from anywhere with an internet connection

Have Thoughtful Conversation

  • Briefing center can be integrated with platforms such as Zoom, GoToWebinar, Jitsi, and Skype
  • Following a briefing, users can join a breakout room with other users to discuss the content presented to them
  • A moderator can toggle between presenter view and can lead the breakout session and ask questions to the users

Training Materials and Downloadable Content Available

  • Users can access training materials and download content such as case studies, data sheets, and presentations via the menu
  • House one-on-one training videos to support their needs in the menu
  • Host live training videos via Zoom or other platforms within the briefing center

Chat Functionality and Gamification

  • Users can be awarded achievements in the form of badges, missions, quests, etc. for completing certain actions
  • Users can monitor their achievements and compete against other users via a community leaderboard
  • If a user gets stuck or requires assistance, they can get support from a specialist via video and chat

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