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Empowering the work Citrix was doing already, our DBC product revolutionizes the way Citrix users engage with their thought leadership, product demos, and messaging campaigns 24/7. Bluetext and Citrix worked diligently to customize the DBC platform to Citrix’s CRM and marketing tool suite, capturing identifiable leads, metrics, and sales opportunities at every touchpoint across every site visitor.


Completely CRM Compatible

Bluetext onboarded the Citrix marketing team as CMS platform administrators on how to manage the digital tool and take advantage of sales reporting. In fewer than 5 clicks, any Executive Connect manager can export the entire user database as a CSV and load it directly into their other marketing and sales reporting systems.


Limitless Potential

The Executive Connect experience enabled Citrix to utilize targeted landing pages for each Session Center to better reach their prospects. This allowed Citrix to reach international audiences as well as domestic ones.

“With the constraints of in-person meetings, Executive Connect’s live chat and Zoom integration allowed Citrix staff to still nurture quality leads with the same personal touch as in-person.”

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