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Bluetext customized a 3D environment to appeal to its target audience, but the platform’s easy-to-use CMS gives SCP the power to tailor it even further, rolling out rich media, resources, and unique CTA’s on the fly for any of their Go-To-Market needs.


Strength In Intangibility

After a deep discovery process and with SCP Health’s goals in mind, the Bluetext digital advertising team built out a multi-channel strategy to build brand awareness and drive users further into the funnel. With the strategy finalized, the Bluetext design team built out eye-catching visuals to grab the attention of users and encourage them to come to the specialized landing page.

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Front Row Seat to Exclusive Content

Revolutionizing the way users engage with SCP’s thought leadership, resources, product demos, and campaigns, Bluetext’s Digital Briefing Center platform wraps existing resources in a powerful new interactive medium.

Virtual-BriefingCenter welcome

By upgrading its brand, message, and offer into one holistic virtual platform, Bluetext’s Digital Briefing Center helped position SCP as a leader in its overcrowded market.

Speak To Your Prospects

The VBC put SCP’s clinical and operations resource team at their users’ fingertips. Using a pandemic-safe remote-video production strategy, Bluetext worked with SCP executives to record their presentations safely at home. This brought SCP’s thought leaders to life inside of the 3D environment, available to users 24/7, and through an intimate one-on-one presentation scenario.

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