In a macroeconomic climate where aerospace, naval, ground, and digital defense companies are in peak demand, we’re paying special attention to the B2G market landscape. Over the past decade, Bluetext has built an impressive repertoire of federal contracting, defense, aerospace, and cybersecurity knowledge. Working with some of the most powerful B2G players, our brand strategists, designers, and website developers have elevated and rebranded some of the most powerful B2G players. Whether clients are looking for a complete rebrand, evolution from legacy, or even syndication of multiple companies following a merger & acquisition, Bluetext has a proven track record of not just meeting but surpassing client goals. As we keep a close eye on macroeconomic trends driven by geopolitical events, our expertise in aerospace, defense, and cybersecurity markets can propel brands with highly in-demand capabilities during trying times.

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Companies acquired following a Bluetext brand engagement

$1,047 B

Expected value of A&D industry by 2026

14.3 %

Projected CAGR of cybersecurity industry


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