Given the sheer amount of content playing across social media feeds in today’s online landscape, producing eye-catching, dynamic content is a must.

In order to stand out from the crowd, businesses across many different industries are increasingly turning towards creative motion to catch the attention of potential customers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Why animated business video?

While there’s nothing wrong with relying on static images on your business’s social media, there’s a limit to the story you can tell, and what your potential customers can take away from a single picture or photo.

Images can only provide a limited amount of information, and are confined by their own borders to a relatively small amount of creative content. What audiences immediately see in an image is all they’re going to get.

By integrating creative motion video into your social media strategy, you gain an important tool for not only conveying more information to your potential customers, but also providing them with more eye-popping, creative content that tells a story.

While you could go with live action video, this choice, like sticking with photos and images comes with a lot of productive and creative limitations.

Animation, on the other hand, has near-infinite creative possibilities to tell your story, none of which are limited by the need to use live actors or film production equipment.

As a result, animated video is more likely to catch the attention of internet users, 50% of whom look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store (Insivia).


We helped Paya revamp their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with brand new creative motion animations like the these two:




Balancing concision and content delivery was critical for making sure these posts kept the attention of users while maintaining their creative charm.

Though each animation is only about 10 seconds long, the descriptions link to a longer article promoted by the video.

These posts are meant to draw in potential clients with concise, creative flair and deliver them straight to Paya’s website, where they can find more helpful articles, and a wealth of information on all the services Paya provides.

Here are three strategies for ensuring your use of animated video on social media is as effective as Paya’s.

  1. Take advantage of creative motion
    To catch the attention of scrolling social media users, it’s critical to stand out. One way to do that is by creating highly dynamic content that creates a contrast with the still images around it. Creative motion describes content that doesn’t just use video but is full of movement set in a creative environment or background. Creative motion videos are striking and fun to watch meaning users are more likely to stop and take a look at your content.
  1. Use colors that pop
    Along with making sure you content is full of movement, you want it to pop against the dreary grey and whites of platforms like Facebook and Twitter.
    Paya uses bright colors like green, orange, and blue that catch people’s eyes and keep them watching. Experiment with different color schemes and choices to find a combination that is vibrant and pleasant to look at. Catching users’ eyes with lots of movement and bright colors is especially key for video content on social media where you’re competing with so much other content for consumers’ attention.
  1. Concision is a must
    A recent study found that the average attention span is now around 8 seconds. That you means you have very little time to get and hold your audience’s attention. We recommend following Paya’s lead and limiting your social media video and animation content on social media to around 10 seconds to ensure potential customers don’t scroll on before you’ve gotten your message across. While a video on another platform, like on your own website, can of course be longer than 10 seconds, your social media strategy should focus on drawing users in with very short investments of their time and then exposing them to more involved content once they have left social media.

Using creative motion video on your businesses’ social media pages is an excellent way to draw in consumers with rich, but easily digestible content.

Balancing concision and compelling, creative content can be a challenge, but doing so successfully can be highly rewarding in terms of site visits and lead conversion.

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