In the world of digital business, it’s essential to stay up to date on the newest trends in branding and marketing to ensure your business remains an innovation frontrunner.

One increasingly powerful trend in the online world is the advent of motion design. Having already leveraged much of the potential of static image design and looking forwards towards new possibilities, many businesses are adding motion to their social feeds, their marketing and their branding.

While video and motion now dominate the fields of social media and marketing, most companies still rely on static logos for branding, making now the perfect time to stay ahead of the game with inventive motion branding.

The Benefits of Motion Branding

Your logo is an essential part of your brand and in many ways should attempt to distill everything your brand is about into one memorable graphic.

This in mind, moving from a still image to a creative motion graphic is a big change and will have wide-reaching reverberations that affect how your customers perceive and interface with your business.

Taking advantage of creative motion in branding is an ambitious and rewarding choice that comes with a number of attractive perks.

  1. Tell a Story

Adding creative motion to your branding creates new possibilities for dynamic storytelling.

With static image logos, what you see is all you get. This is inherently limiting when it comes to telling a story. With creative motion branding, however, you introduce the possibility for progression and change into your branding, allowing you to tell a more complex story.

Telling a better, more fluid story can help you connect with potential customers on an emotional level which is critical for attracting their business. In fact, neuroscientists have found that people generally make their decisions based more on emotions than logical thinking, meaning that more robust storytelling is a surefire way to outdo competitors.

  1. Raise Brand Awareness

Leveraging creative motion in video is an especially powerful tool for raising awareness of your brand.

Creative motion provides new opportunities to make your logo unique and engaging which reflects positively on and raises interest in your brand. When someone encounters an animated logo, they are a lot more likely to remember it and share it than they are with the static logos they are used to seeing.

Raising brand awareness is great for business. One cross-industry study, for instance, found that raising brand awareness has a significant impact on market performance.

  1. Stand out from the Crowd

No matter where potential customers are encountering your branding, it’s sure to be surrounded by a variety of different static objects or images with which it has to compete for attention. This is true on social media, while browsing the web, on mobile, or even out in the real world.

Integrating creative motion into your branding guarantees that it doesn’t fade into the background, and instead leaps out at your potential customer in stark contrast to the static environment around them.

Before your customers can raise awareness about your brand, they first need to recognize it. Creative motion branding ensures that your logo will capture people’s attention and prevent potential customers from scrolling, clicking, or walking right by without a second glance.

Using animated branding is a surefire strategy for spreading awareness of your unique brand and story. Though static images sometimes do the trick, they rarely can compare to a dynamic logo that catches your potential customers’ attention all while enriching your brand story with exciting new detail.

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