When I meet someone and they ask about Bluetext, I often reply with a simple “Bluetext is one of the top branding and marketing agencies in Washington, D.C.” That usually leads to a conversation about our team, our services, our clients, and eventually their needs and challenges. People generally understand branding and marketing, and therefore are able to talk about their business challenge in the context of the services we deliver.


I was at a dinner last week with a group of agency leaders from the top branding and marketing agencies in Washington and something that someone else said really struck a chord with me. He talked about solving problems and addressing challenges for his clients. As a leading marketing agency, I believe our clients think of us in a similar manner. We are more than a branding firm. We do more than design and build award-winning websites. We do more than execute PR and content marketing campaigns for our clients. At the end of the day, every company has some sort of marketing challenge they are trying to overcome. At Bluetext, that is what we do for our clients. We solve their challenges through a mix of strategies and tactics, and there is no one size fits all approach.


As you start to think about 2017, I would strongly suggest not specifically thinking do I need a new website or do I need to get more articles, but instead think what are the challenges my business faces and what type of agency is required to solve them. Does that agency have the creativity, passion and expertise to get their hands dirty and help me achieve my goals? Does that agency have the resources to think about new channels? A PR firm will tell you that you need more PR. A website agency will tell you need a new website. At Bluetext, we will analyze your challenge and recommend a campaign, solution or strategy to help you achieve your business goals. In my view, that is what a top marketing agency does. To learn more about what makes us a top agency, reach out today.

Find out today how Bluetext can help you take your business to the next level.