Bluetext has always prided itself as one of the leading naming agencies in the U.S. market. Our laser focus is on how a brand communicates its key attributes through the look and feel of its visual identity, and of course, through the name itself. Naming is, in fact, one of the more challenging elements of a brand, and the one that often stumps top branding agencies. There are several reasons for this, including finding a URL that is available along with the trademark.

That’s why we were so gratified to learn that Bluetext has been tagged as one of the top 10 naming agencies in the market by Clutch, the leading agency review site that provides market insight to guide business buying decisions. Clutch recently analyzed agencies that provide naming as part of its services and divided the leading contenders into those that are proven market leaders. Of the hundreds of agencies that Clutch evaluated, based on the ability to deliver, strong reviews, and focus on service, Bluetext ranked as number eight on the list of top agencies.

One of the reasons we believe that we rank so high on the Clutch list is our proven methodology that delivers strong name options for each of our clients who are seeking to rebrand either an entire organization or develop a naming system that includes products and services.  We’ve renamed and rebranded major corporations in the technology, defense, consumer and enterprise sectors, as well as challenger brands, start-ups and new divisions and product lines. We seek to understand our client’s place in their markets as well as where they aspire to be in two to five years. Our proven process includes a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and how a new name can help a brand stand out in its market. It also assesses where the market is heading, and how the right name can position a brand for success.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read through the independent analysis from Clutch and the various recommendations of our clients. They tell our naming story far better than we can.


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