Our guest today, Ken Stewart, CEO of NUAIR, is a passionate engineer whose career has been nothing short of extraordinary. He’s not just an engineer; he’s a catalyst for change on a grand scale.

In the past, Ken led groundbreaking initiatives in marketing new breakthrough technologies, deftly weaving branding and marketing strategy into his endeavors. From spearheading sales and marketing for a Google Ventures-backed enterprise wireless company that raised a staggering $200 million, to incubating and assuming the CEO role for aviation ventures in partnership with General Electric, Ken has seen it all. Each step in his journey has been marked by innovation, strategy, and the power of branding and marketing to drive transformative change.

Today, Ken stands as a globally recognized leader, serving as the CEO of NUAIR, a company at the forefront of the next generation of uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility (AAM) solutions. But what sets Ken apart is his unwavering commitment to using technology, branding, marketing, and innovation not just for commercial success but for the safety, societal betterment, and economic progress of the world. In this episode, we’ll explore the pivotal role of brand positioning and marketing in Ken’s remarkable career, how it has driven transformative change, and how these experiences have uniquely equipped him to lead NUAIR into a future filled with promise and potential. So, fasten your seatbelts, as we take flight into the inspiring world of Ken Stewart.

Digital Doorways⁠ is Hosted by ⁠Jason Siegel⁠, Founder of Bluetext.

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Questions Include:

  1. Can you describe how your early career in marketing breakthrough technologies influenced your approach to innovation and change?
  2. What role did branding and marketing strategy play in the success of the enterprise wireless company backed by Google Ventures?
  3. Can you share a specific marketing strategy or campaign that had a significant impact on the commercialization of breakthrough technologies?
  4. During your time at General Electric, how did you navigate the complex aviation industry, and how did branding contribute to your success?
  5. In transitioning from marketing to the role of CEO, how did your marketing experience inform your leadership and strategic decisions?
  6. NuAir focuses on uncrewed aircraft systems and advanced air mobility. How do you communicate the societal benefits of these technologies to the public?
  7. How do you balance the dual objectives of economic success and societal betterment in your current role as CEO of NuAir?
  8. Can you share an example of a successful brand positioning strategy that resonated with both consumers and industry partners?
  9. In the rapidly evolving world of technology, how do you ensure that your branding remains current and relevant?
  10. What advice do you have for entrepreneurs looking to effectively position their brands in competitive markets?
  11. How does NuAir approach branding and marketing in the context of regulatory challenges and the aviation industry’s reputation for safety?
  12. What strategies do you employ to build partnerships and collaborations that support NuAir’s mission and branding objectives?
  13. How do you see the regulatory landscape evolving for uncrewed aircraft systems and advanced air mobility, and how does this impact your marketing and branding strategies?
  14. What are some key lessons you’ve learned about leading change within organizations, and how do these lessons inform your leadership style?
  15. Could you share an instance where you encountered resistance to change and how effective marketing helped overcome it?
  16. How do you adapt your marketing strategies to resonate with diverse international audiences while maintaining a cohesive brand image?
  17. In your experience, what are some of the unique challenges and opportunities in marketing and branding technology-driven solutions?