TAG YOUR IT!  No this isn’t a phrase that 5 year olds are yelling on the playground, but rather marketers and communicators are saying to their targeted constituents. Mobile tagging is the industry term for the creation, rendering, and applying of a two-dimensional bar code that is a link to an online experience, accessed through a mobile device. Each 2-D code, or tag, is encoded with specific information such as a Web URL, a phone number, or a person’s contact information. Once a tag is scanned or photographed it creates the link to a specified webpage, dials a voice call, or downloads contact information. Mobile tags are commonly used to link the physical and digital worlds within the context of a very specific location.


Marketers considering tagging tactics quickly discover a large and muddled technology and service provider landscape. Which tagging technology makes sense for your campaign? Here is a key benefits breakdown of some of the most popular solutions.


For Awareness


Instant Lottery – Product Giveaways, Point of Purchase Contests, Ticket Giveaways, Reward Systems
Mobile Arcade – Team Based Interactions, Phone Game Controllers, Location Based Games (like SCVNGR), and Geograhical Explorations
Travel by Tag – Preview Your Destination, Get historical content from where you stand


For Information Gathering


Product Preview – Get the facts before you buy
Content Sampling
Behind The Scenes – Get behind the scenes information on your product
Scan Triggered Updates – Produce a digital memory or Digital snapshot
Sample content before purchase, deeper information prior to purchase, deliver richer experiences, real time schedules, understand where your product has been, ensure the product is real and not stolen, convert currency costs for products instantly


For Action / Purchase


Scan To Pay – Skip the line and pay faster
Unlockable Rewards – Scanabable coupons, points system for loyalty programs, digital character expensions


For Post Purchase


Feedback Loop – Facebook Likes, Loyalty Measurement, Product Review Shortcuts, Vote on Artists and Products
Mobile How-to – Product assembly instructions, food recips, video instructions, training