Welcome to Digital Doorways, the podcast hosted by Jason Siegel that explores the power of change in the realm of branding, marketing, and positioning for executives. Today, we have a truly exceptional guest, a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer with a career that reads like a tale of triumph and transformation.

I must disclose that I have had the privilege of working alongside Warren for over two decades, witnessing his remarkable success across multiple brands. From powerhouse companies to his two career chapters with Fortune 50 giants, Warren has consistently demonstrated his extraordinary ability to navigate change and turn challenges into opportunities.

During his second chapter at Boeing, as a market positioning and branding leader, Warren faced the daunting task of managing brand reputation issues during turbulent times for the company which included Tanker program issues, Starliner capsule launch delays and issues as well as the very public grounding of the 737 MAX aircraft. However, through unwavering determination, strategic prowess, and collaboration with some of the industry’s top communication professionals, he was able to maneuver through turbulent times and maintain the company’s positive brand recognition.

But Warren’s achievements extend far beyond Boeing. In our first encounter at iDirect, he spearheaded a groundbreaking turnaround strategy that propelled the company to tremendous growth and eventually led to a significant acquisition by Singapore Technologies. He is now the CMO for Fortem Technologies, a leading airspace intelligence company producing AI-empowered radar and counter-drone technologies.

Today, we are privileged to have Warren Brown on our show, where we will uncover the secrets of his success and gain valuable insights into how branding, marketing, and positioning can be powerful tools in navigating change and embracing new possibilities.