Time to be honest – PR is a what have you done for me lately business, which can make the expectations for any media relations program extremely demanding. Especially if there is an appetite from clients or senior leadership for a consistent, constant cadence of tier-one coverage hits.

Tier 1 media outlets – the New York Times, NBC News, and CNBC’s of the world – are a beast when it comes to obtaining coverage placements. The news cycle moves extremely quickly and tends to focus on the top issues facing the nation. Securing opportunities in that ecosystem requires the right story angle, timing, and media contact. It can be challenging to strike that balance. As a result, finding that precise combination means Tier-1 coverage hits should be thought of as grand-slam home runs rather than singles.

But hitting singles and getting on base is critical to any good baseball team’s success. They build momentum, threaten the competition, and continue to drive attention. As does constant coverage in local and trade media. 

So How Do You Build Momentum?

A proper media relations strategy includes not just grand slam dingers but also a holistic approach that includes trade and local media. Let’s examine how B2B PR agencies can leverage local and trade press to drive the maximum eyeballs back to your client or company.

Local Media – Everyone Needs A Friend

Local news channels are great opportunities to reach an audience close to your company’s headquarters, pitch stories with a local data tie-in, or if a client indicates a particular market is of specific interest.

Newspapers, radio stations, and broadcast news outlets are critical targets. These outlets have a broad reach within their communities and can serve as valuable reps for spokespeople starting their media relations journey.  

When it comes to Bluetext’s DC media strategy, we prioritize WTOP, WJLA-TV, the Washington Business Journal and the Washington Post.

For up-and-coming PR professionals, cultivating relationships with reporters at local outlets drives coverage in the short term, and staying in touch with those journalists could lead to further opportunities as they progress in their careers.  

Trade Media – Find Industry Trades That Cover Your Beat

Trade outlets are critical to improving your brand’s awareness within a specific industry. Industry news via press release announcements, thought leadership content, or even investing in sponsored content or sponsored imagery at conferences and webinars will help announce your business’ presence as a leading player within the industry.

For example, we have several government contracting and government tech clients. To drive meaningful coverage for those companies, Government PR firms like Bluetext will prioritize FCW, NextGov, FedScoop, Federal News Network, and WashingtonExec to highlight new contract wins, leadership changes, and the latest trends within federal agencies.

To be successful in their pitching efforts, B2B PR agencies must emphasize a holistic media relations strategy that does not solely rely on national coverage but leverages local and trade momentum to build brand awareness. Consistently securing opportunities with local and trade media will bolster a company’s profile, eventually enabling companies to secure that critical Tier-1 grand slam.


Reach out to pr@bluetext.com to learn more about how we would build a holistic media approach for your business.