Perhaps the most critical component of the dozen or so enterprise websites Bluetext currently has in development is personalization. This shift in focus to personalized customer experiences is becoming increasingly important for B2B companies because of the significant impact it can have on increasing engagement and conversion rates with your target audiences.

Website personalization allows companies to serve up a custom experience based on the characteristics, preferences, actions, and perceived intent of an individual or persona group. Personalization goes beyond simply accommodating a user with content we think they like, and if done right, establishes a relationship between you and the user to drive specific actions designed to achieve specific objectives for your business.

The drive to personalization is being accelerated by the fact that your B2B customers are also engaged in the B2C space, where they are active on highly personalized consumer sites like Amazon and Netflix. Because users of these sites have become accustomed – if not addicted – to the personalized content and buying recommendations these sites are known for, they are more likely to be responsive to B2B sites that deliver that same kind of personalized experience.

So just like their B2C counterparts, B2B companies are clamoring for personalization functionality because of the impact the increase in the relevance of content and calls-to-action have on their ability to attract and acquire customers. So as the expectations of B2C users increase – the more their B2B alter egos will expect websites to reflect their unique business preferences. However, this in turn will enable increased conversions by constantly meeting your customers’ expectations, building customer trust and loyalty, and making it easier for buyers to make purchasing decisions to acquire your products and services.

At Bluetext, our personalization process begins at discovery – segmenting your database according to target customers with similar qualities such as size, industry, revenue, and location. From there we develop buyer personas within those customer groups and customize calls-to-action for that persona at different stages in their buying journey to deliver the right message to the right person at the ideal time in the buying process.

It is clearly time for B2B marketers to get personal…

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