If you haven’t yet heard, adult coloring books are in. No, not coloring books with naughty drawings—these are designed for adults, using colored pencils and markers, with intricate designs and geometric patterns. We started hearing about them last year, and they soon became the sleeper hit of the Christmas season, especially among millennials and college students.

The media stumbled upon their popularity after the holiday season. CNN.com discovered that:

Coloring books are no longer just for the kids. In fact, adult coloring books are all the rage right now. And while researchers and art therapists alike have touted the calming benefits for over a decade, it’s childhood favorite Crayola that’s gotten adult coloring books some serious grown-up attention.

CNN reported that the iconic crayon maker—the one that everyone knows from their own childhood—had launched a set of markers, colored pencils and a collection of adult coloring books, called Coloring Escapes, to take advantage of this new-found market.

Cute story, but what does it have to do with smart marketing?

At Bluetext, we thought it might be fun to create a page from an adult coloring book and push it out through digital channels to our clients, colleagues, prospects, friends and others in the marketing world. We thought it might strike a chord of both nostalgia for our crayon years and curiosity on this new trend. We also thought it would differentiate us from other creative agencies, who may not always be looking for new ways their clients can differentiate themselves in their markets. You can see it for yourself here.

And we were right! The response has been amazing. We’ve had far more downloads than we ever imagined. It’s just another way for us to keep top of mind with our clients and prospects, one that does it in a fun and little bit different way. That’s smart digital marketing.

This is the creativity we bring to Bluetext. Imagine what we can do for your brand.

Download our free Adult Coloring Book