Digital Maturity is no longer just a buzzword – it’s where your competitors are now and where you need to be to succeed in the digital marketplace. As a top digital marketing agency, we are making the move to digital maturity a priority for our clients. The ones who are there already know the four essential elements they need to master and balance if they want to get the most from the digital market:

  • Data-driven Marketing
  • Mobile
  • Customer Experience
  • Cross-Channel Marketing

These are where digitally mature organizations are committing their attention and their resources, according to a recent survey by Adobe of its marketing customers. They are mining their troves of data to understand their customers, predict their needs and preferences, and personalize their experience to deliver the right messages at the right time. Personalized engagement must translate across whichever device their customers choose, and wherever they go regardless of channel.

The first step towards digital maturity is analyzing where you are on that path. Here are eight questions to ask to find out if you are there yet, if you’re getting closer, or if you need a thorough strategy to reach it:

  1. Do you have a digital strategy that will achieve your goals?
  2. Are your marketing activities being adopted across the organization, or is your marketing team working alone?
  3. How do you compare to your competitors, especially those who are further along the path?
  4. Are you leveraging your tools to reach customers at the right time with the right message?
  5. How have you tapped into your customer data? Are you getting the insights you need to plot your strategy?
  6. How is the customer experience? Is it building to the type of engagement and relationship you need to meet your marketing goals?
  7. Is mobile a top priority?
  8. Are you engaging customers across every channel, and is the story you’re telling consistent and seamless?

No one expects you to reach digital maturity quickly. It takes time, commitment, focus and a disciplined approach. Without a clear strategy, you may be left behind. Need help? Call Bluetext, and find out how we can help.