Communications agencies often hype the endless ways to measure social media. The problem is, while some of these ways are useful, most are confusing and noisy. Confidently measuring the impact of your online conversations has been elusive.


That’s why Bluetext, together with our partners at General Sentiment, is launching SocialRank, a tool for brands to see how their company compares to others in the social media sphere. What’s different about SocialRank?


1. It takes an instant snapshot of chatter about your brand across the Internet.


2. It measures the chatter’s volume and sentiment.


3. It compares your data to those for well-known brands, including Apple, Microsoft, McDonalds, Android, and the Obama White House.


Why does this matter?


1. Social media offers not only an important way to see how your company is perceived among key audiences; it is also an early warning system for market, service, and competitive challenges.

2. We think that how people talk about your brand is often more important than how much they are talking about it. Measuring that sentiment—be it positive, neutral, or negative—lets executives know whether they are on track with their marketing and branding efforts, or if they have a problem they need to address.

3. You can use SocialRank to plug in your competitors to see what you’re up against.


But SocialRank is only a start to understanding your reputation across social media. Bluetext can help any company fully analyze its reputation across the Internet—whether your brand is ahead of the competition or losing ground, whether your messages are resonating with key audiences or falling flat, and whether you have vocal advocates or persistent critics. Armed with those results, we can design and implement a social media program that reinforces your positive values, while navigating the waters of critics and competitors.


So give SocialRank a try, and then give Bluetext a call to see what we can do for your brand.