Successful digital campaigns need to connect to its audience while simultaneously getting the company’s message across.  Digital marketers spend a huge amount of time analyzing their target market and audience before building a campaign and crafting an implementation strategy for seamless execution.  Here are five tips to help your company create a successful digital campaign.

  1. Know your personas. Personas are fictional characters representing a company’s potential customers.  Each persona has its own role, goals, challenges, company, job, skills, preferences, and so forth.  Understanding your personas and building a detailed profile for each is a key step in creating an effective digital campaign.
  2. Analyze your competitors. Keep an eye on the public-facing marketing efforts of your competitors to understand how they are targeting their consumers.  By gaining a better understanding of your competition, it provides insight to how you should position yourself in the market to stay ahead of the competition.
  3. Optimize your SEO. Understand the keywords your personas are searching for on search engines and integrate those keywords in your digital campaign’s SEO strategy.  Optimize the meta data of your campaign by integrating your target keywords in your campaign’s title, content, meta description, URL, and image alt text.
  4. Set an offer strategy. Once your digital campaign has successfully captured a consumer’s attention, you need an offer strategy to draw them in.  A common approach is through the promotion of gated premium content.  Understanding the content that appeals to each of your personas will direct the premium content offer that should be tailored for each.  A complete profile for each persona will guide a company’s content creation and fill any gaps in its content offerings.
  5. Create a lead strategy. Although generating leads is the goal of a digital campaign, it is not the end goal.  An internal strategy needs to be in place to continuously inform and engage a lead, whether through email or other mediums, with the end goal of transition a lead to an eventual customer.

A successful digital campaign requires a significant amount of planning before it can be built, tested, and implemented.  Developing an adept understand of the market environment alongside a solid SEO and content strategy are the key factors to launching a successful digital campaign.

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