A logo is a central part of a company’s brand. It’s the first thing customers see, and what they learn to recognize as a short-cut to your brand values.  And it needs to convey a strong message about what you stand for, and how you work with your customers. Choosing the right logo can make a big difference. Refreshing your current logo might be even more crucial.

Here are five reasons why companies refresh their logos:

Hindrances.  As a company evolves and grows, its products and services will change in tangent.  A logo from its past may now risk pigeon-holing and hinder the company’s growth.  A company’s original logo may include words describing its offerings.  As its product and services expand a logo refresh would be needed to accurately represent its growth.

Modernization.  Overtime logo images that were once fashionable can become considerably outdated.  Sleek, minimalistic logos are the trend today and many companies find the need to adjust their logo to appeal to today’s audience and stay relevant in the market.

Renaming.  When a company changes its name, its original logo may no longer be relevant and a logo refresh is due.  This is especially true for companies where their original logo was a literal representation of its original name.

Digitization.  As the world grows increasingly digital companies now need to take into consideration how their logo renders on different screen widths and other mediums on the web.  Old logos did not take responsiveness into consideration and must redesign and refresh to adapt in the digital age.

Acquisitions.  When two companies become one, the company name may change and their logo as well.  An acquisition instantly expands a company’s products or service and their original logo may no longer be an accurate representation of the new company.

Since a company’s logo is such a close depiction of a company, a major change in any area of its business will affect its single most important visual representation.  A logo refresh aligns a company with its core values and ultimately its consumers.

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