Top branding firms focus on a variety of factors when rebranding a company.  A brand refresh is a large undertaking that involves individuals at all levels in an organization to successfully implement.  With the aid of a branding firm, the process can be smoother than expected.  Here are 5 more things top branding firms to consider when rebranding your company:

What is your company’s reputation in the market?  A company’s reputation can precede it in the market place and form impressions in the consumer’s mind even before they have exposure with your brand.  If your company has less than a positive reputation within the market place, rebranding will provide you the opportunity to start anew with a clean slate.

Are you planning to expand your business abroad?  There are many adjustments for a company to take their business into the global markets, and a rebrand may be necessary for a company to ensure they appeal to consumers in the global markets past cultural and social lines.  Top branding firms are experts in helping companies navigate this tricky terrain to achieve growth in international business ventures.

Has there been a drastic change in executive leadership?  A change in a company’s top leadership positions may cause enough organizational changes that the current brand no longer resonates with the company’s new direction.  Rebranding the company becomes necessary for the company to maintain a cohesive voice and image.

Is there the need to further develop a corporate identity? As a company grows and develops overtime, the preliminary guidelines set for the brand at the beginning may no longer be strong enough to define the brand as a whole.  Without a standardized visual style or extended color palette for example, the company’s corporate identity quickly becomes muddled.  Top branding firms set disciplined brand guidelines to ensure uniformity company wide.

Has there been a change of company ownership?  When a merger or acquisition occurs, or if a company shifts from private to pubic, there is the immediate move to rebrand the firm.  In the case of a merger or acquisition, rebranding fully integrates the new portions of business under one corporate identity to maintain uniformity in the market.  When a company shifts from private to public ownership, the company now must comply with legal requirements and top branding firms can be a key player in aiding this transition.

A brand refresh is more often than not a necessary marketing strategy as a company grows and undergoes changes.  Top branding firms aid companies of all industries in making this critical change and continuing achieving success in their respective markets.

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