There are many factors top branding agencies focus on when rebranding a company.  Typically, companies rebrand every 7-10 years but what motivates them to do so?  Rebranding often involves choosing a new standardized color palette, a new logo, a new voice, and even a new name.  Company dynamics shift to embody the new image and it can be challenging for everyone involved.  Here are the 5 things top branding agencies to consider when rebranding your company:

How does your brand stack up to the competition? When placed next to your competitors, how does your company measure up?  Do you appear modern and cutting edge?  Or do you appear outdated and in need of an upgrade?  Visuals aren’t everything, but the first impression a potential customer has of your brand may be a lasting one and ultimately sway their decision in a saturated marketplace.

Are you reaching your target audience?  Companies utilize different strategies to appeal to different consumer groups.  What appeals to millennials may not capture the attention of older generations.  If your company’s goal is to reposition itself in the marketplace to win over a new consumer base, a brand refresh from a top branding agency may just be what your organization needs to reach its goals.

How are the markets changing?  Technological advancements have caused major shifts in many industries that have required companies to adapt quickly.  The rapid pace of digitizing society has meant companies need to keep up with the times or find themselves left behind.  Top branding agencies specialize in positioning their clients for success by implementing best practices in the digital space.

How has your company grown?  As companies evolve and increase the offerings of their goods and services in different sectors of the market, the original brand may no longer resonate with its diversified consumer base.  Such disconnect between the brand and its offerings may begin affecting the company’s marketing efforts of outlier products or services.  Top branding agencies work with clients in such growth dilemmas to find cohesiveness in their organizations and create a new corporate visual identity to tie everything under one brand.

Are there inconsistencies within your company?  Are there many different versions of consumer-facing assets used within the company?  Is the company voice disconnected from one product or service to another?  Are consumers unaware two of your products or services are offered by the same company?  If so, rebranding may be a necessary strategy to help both the consumer and company connect the dots of a fragmented brand.

A company rebrand from a top branding agency is more than just aesthetics.  A fresh new look and feel is noticed by consumers and works as a strategy to bring more cohesion to the company while simultaneously drawing attention from the market.

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