Unveiling their new positioning, including a refreshed branding, Bluetext was able to express exciting new features of the GMAT exam through display and paid social ads.

Calling All Optimists Campaign

In addition, Bluetext produced a new brand to live alongside GMAT. Calling All Optimists campaign was born, complete with its own unique color palette, animation style, and graphic elements. From dynamic personalized quizzes and interactive component designs, the website became a dependable digital branch of GMAC’s global sales funnel.

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Showcasing GMAC Success in Graduate Management Space

The two campaigns played on two dynamic characteristics of the new visual brand identity. Utilizing custom photography and messaging, Bluetext harnessed their tone of voice working hand-in-hand with their visual language. Evoking an atmosphere of celebration, elevation, and heroism, the campaign has been a smash hit for both Bluetext and GMAC, with more work already in the works throughout the year! Our work with GMAC marks yet another strong performance from the Bluetext team within the Higher Education industry.


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