Our Challenge

Two years after the successful Calling All Optimists microsite, GMAC turned back to Bluetext to further enhance the work done together in 2018. However, the 2018 microsite, Calling All Optimists, was a true success! So how did Bluetext compete against itself to knock it out of the park for a second time?

Branding 2.0

Upgrading an aesthetic into a real identity, Bluetext produced a new brand to live alongside GMAT. Calling All Optimists was born, complete with its own unique color palette, animation style, and graphic elements. With a true corporate visual identity ready for the global campaign, GMAC could finally tell the top-funnel story it needed to tell.


Brand Signal

In addition to the new brand and logo, Bluetext equipped the campaign with a brand signal, #callingalloptimists. This signal captures the entire top-funnel campaign message in a single graphic, which GMAC could use across all corporate communications and the entire branding house.


Personalized Website Experience

In order to reinvent a microsite with an annual 400k+ visitors and 50k+ site conversions, Bluetext upgraded callingalloptistists.com into a full website. From multiple dynamic personalized quizzes and scalable interactive component designs, Calling All Optimists was more than a campaign landing page, it was a dependable digital branch of GMAC’s global sales funnel.


Calling All Gen Z’ers

The branding works well for the target Gen Z audience, with text-forward components and animated “C”, “A”, and “O” blocks. Plus, Bluetext designed a new optimistic color, “Reina Blue”, which gives even “Sunflower Yellow” a run for its money.

“We love when a client challenges us to better an already successful engagement. It’s not only a signifier of a job well done, but a signifier of trust.”
Jason Siegel-Creative Director, Bluetext

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