We often get requests from clients to upgrade not just the user experience for their websites, but also the website design to ensure a rich visual experience that will separate them from their competitors. This is not an idle request. Potential clients and customers of digital services often want and expect to see a contemporary website design that looks like it is at the cutting edge of the market. Having a design that even looks three years old can make you appear to be out of date and not competitive.

At Bluetext, we recognize that for industries that are seeking a digitally-savvy audience, style and presentation are essential components of what will attract the interest of target prospects, and what will turn them into customers. For our clients, we employ a website design approach that focuses on four design elements:

  • UX, Navigation, and Imaging. There are two websites in particular that exemplify the kind of experience we like to show to our clients: Stripe and Qualcomm. Both sites have the type of navigation and that really show off the software interfaces of their products, in a smart, simple, but sophisticated way.
  • Visual Storytelling. It may not be intuitive to associate how to describe a product or service with telling a story, but that is exactly what the best websites do for their solutions, leveraging a storytelling approach to tell a strong brand and product story. The enterprise technology company Palantir is a first place to find inspiration. Not only is the design and layout very elegant but notice how the scroll begins with the stars and the sky, but as you move down, it takes you through the clouds to the ground in a seamless and engaging way. Another strong example is WealthSimple. Like Palantir, it is a single scroll that uses a clever and interesting rolling visual that tells the story of the product. Each scene includes just a little animation and movement to keep your eyes engaged.
  • Scale. Finding the right approach to present a design that has the right scale and proportions, carries the corporate image and brand, and has a clean look, is always a challenge. This is especially true when the pressure is on to include as much information on separate software products as possible. One look at XO’s website gives a sense of how we can create a clean look that has the corporate brand and appeal as well as the right scale for what we want to convey to website visitors.
  • Production Quality. How each company and its brands and products are portrayed can have a significant impact on those customers whose engagement is essential. That’s why we think high production value on products is so important. No brand does this better than Volkswagon of American. Check out its website to get a sense of how to use the highest quality of product for images, movement, and layout to give visitors a successful website experience.

Learn how Bluetext can help your brand’s website design tell the right stories with a rich visual approach.