With the housing market climbing back up again, it’s hardly the time for real estate developers to sit back and coast. With a rising market comes increased competition, a savvy customer base, and a real need to use great creative approaches to attract the right buyers. Here are eight tips for making sure you reach customers with the right messages to make the sale:

1) It’s about telling a story. The home buyer doesn’t want a bunch of facts and figures, he or she wants to know why it is essential that they live in that development in that community. Rather than showing floor plans and materials, demonstrate how that space will work for your customers. Use visual story-telling to communicate what your developments are really about.

2) Compelling creative is more important now than ever. With the decline in traditional print media, the first impression that your development will make is online. At a time when your competition may be simplifying their message and not trying as hard as they should, you have the opportunity to build the emotional connection that will deliver the sale. The online experience needs to show that your brand is unique, creative and meets the needs of its audience.

3) Understand the trends. As buyers age, they often want smaller footprints, even at a time when they could most afford the larger models. Anticipate these trends and use your digital assets to explain why your houses meet their evolving needs.

4) Analyze your data. Many developers have no real idea how and why their prospects land on their website. What brought them there in the first place? It is essential to closely monitor your web traffic and recognize how your target audiences are reaching your site. That allows the right allocation of resources into the channels that are delivering the most results.

5) Make it easy on your customers. Don’t force them to do all of the leg work and research. Determine what your prospects want to know and proactively deliver that across all of your digital platforms. This will attract buyers and promote social sharing, and grow your reputation in the process.

6) Give your prospects a reason for returning. Once a potential buyer has hit your digital properties, keep your developments top of mind with ad retargeting that promotes your latest blog post or a new look at your inventory. Not only does that keep them interested, but if the content is good, they may share it with friend who may also be in the market. Let referrals drive more audience and conversion.

7) Keep your social media active. Yes, it takes work and time to be active in social media, but it will pay off with prospect engagement. Don’t single track through one platform, like Twitter or Facebook. It is important that a number of platforms are leveraged, with Pinterest leading the way for the real estate industry. Paid Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads can micro-target prospects by location, interests and even job title.

8) Mobile is a must have. While prospects may do their primary research from a laptop or desk-top, more and more internet access is via mobile devices. In addition, buyers by definition are mobile when they are looking at properties, and won’t have their large screens with them. It’s an absolute requirement that you have a responsive design for your website that makes mobile access simple and easy.