If you canvas the most respected marketing decision makers, each can no doubt share examples of bold, innovative marketing programs that did not work out. But the enemy of marketing innovation isn’t failure, its repetition; repeating the same approach again and again – even if the results do not meet expectations. As you sit down to create your marketing plan for 2015 and evaluate what worked and what came up short this year, here are six ideas to consider if you are not driving the amount of visibility, buzz and sales that you expect.


  1. Throw out the Baby with the Bathwater. Sometimes you need to cut your losses. A poorly designed website, a poorly received message, or a poorly produced video which cost a lot of money may be hindering your ability to market your company and get your message out. Be honest about what is working and be prepared to scrap that campaign which you spent a lot of money on.
  2. Put an influential name or face to your product or company. This is a strategy that has been written about extensively with clear results. Our clients have contracted with celebrities including Lewis Black, Joe Torre, and Frank Abagnale to put a face to their brand. The celebrity can be leveraged for a variety of activities, including social media, customer events, and immediate recognition across ads, etc. Please reference this blog post for more on this tactic – http://bluetext.com/celebrity/.
  3. Sometimes the Local is the Way to Go. The content marketing train is zooming across corporate America, much to the displeasure of the PR budget. It is not the only way to get to your destination however. PR has a very important place within every marketing budget. While many consider it to be an old school tactic, the validation you can receive from a well-placed story about your product or service can be worth 10x the investment if done right. My partner Brian Lustig will be writing about this in a blog post next week.
  4. Go Out on a Limb with a Sponsorship. How many times have you said that my company does not have the budget to do a major sponsorship? Take a step back to look at the number of events you have sponsored with a lame table top to appease a sales representative where no viable leads came out of it. Those costs add up. Take that money and do sponsored Tweets, webinars or branded social properties, or sponsor a well-known organization that will create some buzz for your company. This can be measured in many ways and is often used to put a company, product or service on the map.
  5. Zig When your Market is Zagging. The best marketers are known for executing bold campaigns to stand out in crowded markets. How bold are you willing to go? Are you marketing to save your job or get your next one? I was in a pitch the other day where the CEO of a start-up SaaS company talked about taking on an entire industry.
  6. Go Mobile First. Anyone that tells you that you don’t need to worry about mobile visitors and site traffic has ocean front property in South Florida to sell you. Sure, we can all look at the analytics and it is true that data trumps opinion, but mobile is only getting more popular and the user experience should be well designed for a mobile world. Responsive design is clearly the direction that the industry is headed and one that you must deploy to stay relevant for the long term.


Are you ready to get started? Are you ready to break new ground with your marketing program? Don’t look now but unless your foot is on the pedal then your competitors will leave you in the rear view mirror…and that is not a place that most marketers want to be.