The landowners of America’s working private forests had a large challenge: Few people outside the forest landowners community understood how private forests were different from Federal and state-owned forests, how their landowners were managing the lands in a way that was sustainable, and how as a result our private forests are healthy and growing. Instead, the image was often based on mis-impressions and confusion. The landowners asked Bluetext to develop a new organization, together with a name and logo and a website that could serve as the repository for information about our private forests, the landowners who serve as caretakers while harvesting wood sustain-ably, and the issues they were are facing.

Bluetext proposed that this new organization be called Forest America, and designed a logo that would convey the important connection between our forest landowners and the conservation that they bring to America’s forests.


Bluetext designed a comprehensive website that is responsive for all devices and that uses wide banners and paralax images to give a strong sense of the value and beauty of privately owned forests.  The site makes has calls-to-action to get involved throughout its pages as part of the strategy to recruit members and advocates for Forest America.


Bluetext also designed a multi-image infographic with key industry facts that is embedded in a sliding graphic that is accessed on the lower part of the homepage. Additional graphical elements include large banner images with text and compelling photography throughout.  Forest America includes social engagement links, and in its next phase will embed polling functions and advocacy tools that will not only make it an effective tool with policy makers but also generate its own content that can be pushed out through its various channels.



Forest America has all of the design features that deliver a site that can help the organization achieve its advocacy and recruitment mission with both state-of-the-art functionality and stunning creative assets.