Force 3 is one of the fastest growing network security services and solutions company servicing the Federal Government with revenues of more than one billion dollars annually. When it’s brand, messaging and website needed an update it turned to Bluetext. We added a fresh set of colors and a new design with the sensation of motion to the logo, a theme that plays out across the website. We also created an animated introduction that uses the color palette to draw the visitor into the site.

The new website is infused with search engine optimization so that Force 3 comes up when customers are searching for network security solutions. One of the company’s key differentiators is the expertise and passion of its team of experts. That message is persistent across the site.

The imagery is clean and modern on each page.The new brand design plays out not only on the website, but in collateral, iconography, and a new trade show booth. It delivers a brand that is in tune with today’s government customer and differentiates their offering and value from competitors.