A founding partner of Bluetext, Don Goldberg has helped many of the largest global corporations achieve their communications goals through public relations, media outreach, digital strategies and integrated marketing campaigns. In his 25-years in Washington, he has led companies and organizations through communications challenges and reputational threats, and helped position clients for success in the commercial, government and policy arenas. Don began his career as an award-winning journalist before serving for more than a decade as a senior staff member on Capitol Hill.  During the Clinton Administration, he was appointed Special Assistant to the President, where he served on the communications team managing investigations and damage control for the White House.

Since leaving politics, Don has become one of the leading crisis communications experts in the nation, and is a frequent guest commentator on CNN, Fox News and other national news networks. His expertise includes helping major brands better position themselves before key audiences, whether government executives, policy makers, business leaders, regulators or consumers.