17 hoursthat’s how long the average person spends looking at a screen each day. With remote learning and work-from-home, screens take up our attention and are expected to remain an integral part of society long past the pandemic. That’s why getting a jump-start on digital curated content marketing is more important than ever. What is content marketing? In simplest terms, it is consciously selecting valuable content to be shared with your targeted audience. In order for content marketing to be successful, it must be relevant and up to date. It takes time and effort to keep up with changing trends within the marketing mix, which is why Bluetext has provided 3 ways to make the most of your content marketing efforts below. Quality content marketing can keep your business ahead of the competition, at a lower cost compared to other marketing strategies. 

3 Must-Have Strategies to Capitalize on Your Content Marketing:

1. Virtual Engagement

As the pandemic shifted business online, working Americans realized they could have just as productive a meeting from their homes as in the office. It proved that even if that meeting could not have “just been an email”, it could be virtual. Turns out, there’s really no need for employees to sit in hours or traffic or fly across the country in order to get things done. Social norms pivoted quickly, as it became standard practice for not only meetings to be conducted virtually, but also events. Webinars, Zoom happy hours, and virtual conferences became the norm as companies shifted operations to accommodate a virtual world. While there are some pros to an online environment, there are also undeniable cons. We stare at screens for hours on end, making it difficult to stay focused and engaged. By the fourth zoom login of the day, we get bored and lose interest. In order to improve the digital experience, businesses should be conscious of content quality and delivery methods. Due to the pandemic and the shift to virtual, the bar for content marketing has been raised. Every piece of content marketing should be curated to not only promote your brand but also spark engagement. Breakout sessions, polls, live-chat, animations, and other interactive elements are great ways to maintain engagement with your participants.

2. Influencers/Brand Ambassadors

While people were isolated in their homes, they used Social Media to stay connected during the pandemic. Platforms like Tik-Tok, YouTube, and Instagram experienced an increase in usage, creating the perfect avenue for digital marketers. Social Media Influencer marketing increased worldwide, as consumers related more to their favorite blogger on their personalized Instagram feed rather than the A-list celebrity featured on TV. Content produced by influencers helps to fill in the gaps of content coverage by creatively reaching the target audience in a more natural way. This trend extends far beyond the promotion of consumer products, as B2B industries have recognized the power of influencer marketing across a number of social platforms. Within the B2B marketing landscape, employees can serve as influencers or “ambassadors” for your business’s brand. Your employees are typically connected to more people on social media than your brand. While taking advantage of strong ties, employees are able to communicate messages to a target segment with strong content marketing.

3. Search Engine Optimization

When you view Google search results, how far do you scroll down the page? Not very far. Users typically do not make it past the first few search results, which is why it is critical for your business to dominate SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Businesses need to invest in SEO if they want to optimize their revenue goals. SEO is an ever-moving target, as digital marketers must leverage analytics, employ automation, and keep up with Google’s latest algorithm updates. Frequent publication of content marketing rich with keywords is one of the top recommended strategies to stay on top of SERP results. Not only is the optimization of your keyword strategy important, but also the digital web experience attached to your site. Given that users’ attention spans are short, your business’ website must be engaging and easily navigable. Since we are always on the go, marketers should also capitalize on mobile SEO abilities. On average, people are on their phones for at least 6 hours each day, therefore an easy-to-use mobile platform is crucial to reach audiences. Plus, enhanced mobile speed & experience is new criteria strongly weighted by Google Web Vitals. Overall, prioritizing the user’s website and search experience will yield better results.

As you have learned, curated content marketing is critical to take your business to the next level. Contact Bluetext if you’re interested in revamping your B2B content marketing strategy.