APRIL 22 – WASHINGTON – Bluetext, one of the fastest growing digital marketing, branding and communications agencies in the country, and GreenTrees, the largest carbon reforestation company in North America, today launched a comprehensive corporate sustainability platform designed to enable enterprises to demonstrate and quantify environmental, financial and social benefit. Companies such as Duke Energy and Norfolk Southern Railways are experiencing the benefits of the GreenTrees program.

The GreenTrees program offers companies a way to invest in proven reforestation efforts that provide carbon offsets, water credits, biodiversity and other environmental benefits. Bluetext provides a turnkey communications platform that lets customers, partners, and investors know about a company’s participation and investment in GreenTrees reforestation.

“Large corporations often have difficulty demonstrating their commitment as environmental stewards and to sustainability,” said Chandler Van Voorhis, Managing Partner of C2I, the driving force behind the GreenTrees program. “The GreenTrees reforestation program offers a short path to environmental leadership and CSR goals. Partnering with an innovative company like Bluetext will help companies communicate effectively about the benefits of their participation in this program.”

GreenTrees grows world-class, healthy forests to heal a vital part of our country. The outcome produced is an ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem). The monetization of this restoration is a conduit to connect private capital to private landowners for the public good.

This joint program includes both the development of the GreenTrees proven CSR program wrapped around an integrated CSR campaign development and implementation strategy.

“When the opportunity to launch something unique with GreenTrees arose, it perfectly aligned with our core principles of being a good company that helps our clients become good corporate citizens,” said Jason Siegel, partner at Bluetext. “Our team has worked on many exciting corporate social responsibility programs for global enterprises and we are confident that as more companies learn about the benefits of GreenTrees and our platform for getting their message out they will recognize the value of this innovative program.”

About Bluetext
Bluetext delivers comprehensive digital marketing, branding, and strategic communications services to our clients, who range from global leaders in their industries to emerging companies at the forefront of innovation and technology. Organizations turn to Bluetext because of our reputation for developing robust and highly scalable digital platforms designed to optimize brand performance in an increasingly digital environment. Our team has delivered some of the most creative and effective campaigns for organizations looking to increase their presence and brand in this market. We have successfully positioned lesser-known organizations as thought leaders, and taken better-known organizations to a new level, differentiating and delivering a brand promise that resonates with the market. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our goal is to get a seat at the table with you, understand your goals, audit what you have done and what resonates with your audience, and deliver an integrated strategy that will give you a long-term platform for success. To learn more visit www.bluetext.com

About GreenTrees
GreenTrees delivers the Currency of Conservation. GreenTrees starts from a tree planting approach, grows the forest to produce carbon, and then lets the carbon become the base for a series of forest assets – biodiversity, air, and water – we call it ACRE (Advanced Carbon Restored Ecosystem).   Forests are nature’s cathedrals, and we cement a legacy and turn out sustainability credits for investors seeking the best in credentials for their work. To date, GreenTrees has over 2 million tons of carbon credits under contract for Fortune 500 companies, making GreenTrees the leading reforestation carbon company in North America. To learn more visit www.green-trees or http://vimeopro.com/greentrees/planting