Our Challenge

When XO Communications decided to refresh its digital platform with a new responsive user experience, it turned to Bluetext to lead the research, strategy, design and development phases of the project. Bluetext conducted extensive user research and competitive analysis, followed by extensive analytics and SEO review to create personas, product taxonomy, user journeys, analytics and KPIs that were critical guiding factors for the user experience process.

Re-Imagined Website User Experience in Drupal 8

Leveraging insights from the discovery phase, Bluetext mapped out the approach for user experience, which included the design of more than a dozen fully responsive templates. In addition to the user experience, Bluetext built out an immersive and interactive 3-D Virtual Experience to drive further engagement and demand for XO’s vast portfolio of networking solutions.


Ilustrative Infographics

XO’s Concentric division needed to illustrate the differences between its Cloud solutions and the competition. Bluetext delivered an infographic that depicts Concentric’s ease of use versus the burdens of other Cloud solutions, in the form of a road that leads to a choice–an ultra-modern workspace where the Cloud is an integral part of its technology, or a tired and clunky building where employees are saddled with old technology that makes them work that much harder.


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