Website Design

The website application showcases the brand in action, leveraging elegant linear animation with the brand lines in motion and the U shape images gracefully dropping into place. This gives the website a level of sophisticated intrigue without being overly distracting or taking away from the content. The other custom components Bluetext designed and developed combine elements of the brand system with the latest UX design and development best practices to produce a website that's modern, memorable, fully responsive, ADA compliant, easy to use and maintain and differentiated from their competitive landscape. Uniken's Rel-ID security platform enables amazing customer experiences, and now after partnering with Bluetext, their own brand and website does the same.


Brand & Collateral

Pulling from the infinity shape, Uniken's new brand features unique lines and shapes that are applied throughout various channels and collateral. The open white space filled with the brand lines gives their corporate visual identity a very simple, clean, and reliable feel, which is exactly what they provide for their customers - simplicity, connection, and seamless customer experiences. To make the brand more ownable, the images are framed in the U shape from the logo to give a rounded and softer feel, making their new corporate visual identity even more polished and approachable. 


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