Logo Design for Travel Insurance

The first step in our rebranding process was creating a new corporate logo family. Trawick wanted a strong primary logo that could easily scale and was abstract enough to work with multiple sub-products, while also telling a clear story about the Trawick brand. After an extensive creative workshop and several logo iterations, we landed on a custom icon and wordmark that tied the entire Trawick portfolio together under one distinct logomark, inspired by an abstract globe and shield.


Newly Branded Collateral Design

Using the new logo as the cornerstone of our brand, we created a modern corporate visual identity comprised of custom masks and patterns, sophisticated colors and typeface, and eyecatching, custom imagery applications. We applied this brand system to an extensive collateral template design library for Trawick to leverage for internal and external communications.


Responsive Website Design

Bluetext was also tasked with designing responsive website comps for a future Trawick website. After thorough content strategy and information architecture planning, we applied the Trawick corporate visual identity to user-centered wireframes. The result: a sleek, inviting website design with a quiet confidence and professionalism that would appeal to both B2C and B2B audiences looking for a trusted insurance provider.


Campaign Creation and Management for Trawick

The new Trawick messaging and visual identity came to life in a strategic go-to-market (GTM) campaign aimed to generate brand awareness. Bluetext conducted extensive audience research and created a media plan that included a range of different media channels, tactics and ad formats. The ads ran across programmatic display, paid social (including LinkedIn and Meta), Google Ads and Bing platforms, and drove users to a custom landing page that aligned with the campaign creative designed by Bluetext. Additionally, Bluetext worked with the Trawick team to provide ongoing campaign and PPC management, as well as strategic SEO recommendations.

Trawick-CampaignAd-crop (1)

Scalable Messaging for B2C and B2B Audiences

Trawick requires not only a scalable visual brand and digital footprint, but also corporate messaging that will continue grow with each acquisition and next phase of the company. So, Bluetext created a corporate messaging guide that allows them to do just that. The new Trawick messaging and tagline of “Anywhere Starts Here” stays true to the core value proposition of the brand and company, while providing legs for individual business and product lines to speak to all unique, relevant B2C and B2B audiences.


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