A Star Was Born

Through our work, Stellant Systems was born. The unique outer space theme they selected for their brand identity and website design allows Stellant to stand out in the competitive market as well as clearly tie its visual identity to its mission.


Launching Digital Success

Bluetext developed a fully responsive set of website templates designed to meet the unique digital needs of each aspect of the website. A thoughtful and intuitive user experience was launched to bring Stellant's digital presence to new heights.


B2G Private Equity Acquisition Engages Bluetext for Comprehensive Branding Engagement

“Bluetext has been fortunate enough to work with Arlington Capital Partners via a variety of their portfolio companies. Our work with the Stellant team was a tremendous success and we can’t wait to see what’s next for them. Let’s just say, the future is bright.”
Jason Siegel-Bluetext Creative Chief Officer

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