Website User Experience Design

With dynamic components to showcase success stories, custom glossary pages, and a robust resource center for all post types, SpaceIQ customers can easily find all the educational resources they need. The three legacy brands' relevant products are clearly identifiable through the sitemap and component features, but balanced by cohesive branding and a streamlined user journey.


Modern Mobility

With a quickly growing mobile audience, SpaceIQ requested a website that would respond to evolving browsing habits. The webpages were designed to keep mobile users in mind by highlighting key features, search abilities, and filter functionality. An extensive taxonomy system allows users to quickly select, search, or scan any devices to find the content they need.

“The unique opportunity of bringing these three amazing brands together was one the Bluetext team couldn't pass up. Our team worked efficiently to meet the timeline goals of the client and we couldn't be happier with the results.”
Jason Siegel, Creative Director-Bluetext

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