Our Challenge

SoundExchange leads the music industry in royalty policy and payments to performing artists from non-interactive services like Pandora, Sirius XM, and more than 2,500 other stations. When it needed to up its creative game with both major events and its social media, it turned to Bluetext for a more progressive approach to graphics and social media.


A New Angle to South by Southwest 2017

With the goal of standing out of the crowd armed with inspiration from a superhero comic color palette, Bluetext created a set of comic-inspired graphics to tell the SoundExchange Story: if you’re a recording artist register with SoundExchange and start collecting your royalties.


A Bold Approach to South by Southwest 2016

To draw more attention and attendance to its policy and music events at SXSW, Bluetext created an animated set of neon art-like graphics that are playful and bold, leveraging day-glow colors that pop from a black background.


Social in Both Words and Images

Social posts that have strong graphics get shared and liked at a far higher rate. Bluetext created a set of graphic templates each sized for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram that can readily be personalized to individual posts. Deploying an “Influencer” strategy with compelling content, SoundExchange’s social engagement continues to grow.


Native Campaign Optimization

Bluetext delivers native-optimized image-based content for many many media networks. We optimize creative assets for all social networks and digital experiences.

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