Bluetext designed and developed a responsive campaign landing page for the new brand awareness campaign, bringing the campaign assets to life throughout the page design.

Bluetext also worked closely with the Red Balloon team to update their corporate website content strategy and navigation system in order to streamline the user experience.


Go-to-Market Campaign

Using the new messaging framework and tagline, Bluetext developed an animated advertisement to use in the LinkedIn Go-to-Market Campaign. Leveraging Cinema 4D, Bluetext brought Red Balloon's embedded device protection to life.

Security for Mission Critical Embedded Devices

Bluetext PR secured the following media coverage

Tech Crunch
Are embedded devices the next ransomware target?
Bloomberg Businessweek
What happens when Russian hackers come for the electrical grid?
Inside the lab where Intel tries to hack its own chips
SC Media
Ransomware deployable in embedded systems
Security Week
Schneider Relay flaws can allow hackers to disable electrical network protections

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