UX-Centered Website Design & Development

The new brand is elegantly applied throughout the new website design, from subtle animations to the brand elements pulled from the logo uniquely used throughout the hero zones and website components. Between the slick, best-in-practice, responsive UX design and the consistent branding, the new website is intuitive and memorable, leaving you wanting to place your Security Over Everything with Obrela.

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A New Cyber Logo Design for Obrela

When Obrela came to Bluetext, they were looking to update their logo to launch a consistent brand in the market. With their name as a modification of the Greek word for umbrella, Bluetext designed a modern, abstract representation of the top of an umbrella for the Obrela team.


Brand Essence Custom Video Production

Branding and Messaging Suited for Cybersecurity

With a new logo and new message, the brand now provides consistent messaging to Obrela's target market. No matter the threats that may loom over their customers, Obrela provides an umbrella of security that protects every person, every thing, and every goal their business has.

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“We're pumped about the launch of our new brand platform Bluetext created. It has been a pleasure working with the Bluetext team.”
George Patsis-CEO

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