Custom Collateral & Illustrations

By leveraging elements from the existing logo and employing innovative techniques like text overlays and background patterning, Bluetext developed new collateral templates that would reflect the modernized NUAIR brand. In addition to delivering a full collateral system, Bluetext collaborated closely with NUAIR to create custom 3D illustrated graphics that could seamlessly integrate into their brand ecosystem. The goal was to not only enhance NUAIR's visual identity, but also to equip them with the tools necessary to communicate their message effectively in the future.

NUAIR_WhitePaper (1)

Website Design & Development for a Nonprofit Organization

When it came time to translate the brand to web, Bluetext explored modern, unique, and sleek component styles to compliment the new brand system. From intuitive navigation menus to responsive layouts, every aspect of the website was thoughtfully crafted to provide visitors with an engaging and seamless browsing experience. Through collaborative efforts and a keen attention to detail, Bluetext successfully brought NUAIR’s vision to life on the digital frontier, empowering them to effectively connect with their audience and achieve their mission online.


Content Architecture and Planning

In order to completely rethink their content architecture, Bluetext and NUAIR held a series of immersive workshops to strategize and envision how new content would integrate into their future website. Once the template types and desired components were decided, it came time to craft wireframes and subsequently color comps.


Messaging & Positioning for Aerospace Technology

Through our messaging discovery workshops and research, it became evident that NUAIR's new message needed to convey their unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers. The messaging and positioning process entailed crafting compelling narratives that would underscore the innovation, safety, and efficiency of NUAIR's cutting-edge UAS/AAM solutions. Hence, the brand line "Where Next Takes Flight" was born.


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