Our Challenge

Kingston Technology is the leading global manufacturer of memory and storage solutions, but their IronKey hardware-encrypted portable data storage products were not as well known. Bluetext was specifically contracted to create a campaign that could educate the industry about the benefits of hardware encryption compared to software-encrypted, unencrypted, and cloud-based solutions.

Centered around the specific hardware-based encryption, our campaign asks the rhetorical question of does anyone want their security to be 'soft'?

Making the Product King

We were able to showcase the importance of hardware-encrypted drives in a creative way comparing software encryption to Jello which is not effectively securing personal data. This theme was carried throughout the landing page while educating consumers on Kingston IronKey’s story and showcasing their products.


3D Video Animation

Our designers created 3D files of different IronKey drives and produced 3D animation for the Jello assets, promoting how secure Kingston IronKey hardware-encrypted drives are.



Going through our normal competitive analysis, campaign theme development, and media research we designed Google Display, Responsive, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn assets for the go-to-market campaign design.


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