Innovative Website Design in the Real Estate Industry

Bluetext was tasked with redesigning the company’s corporate website and search tool to be fully responsive, easy to navigate, and reflective of the company’s mission & experience. Bluetext followed a tried and true process for discovery that included heavy research and competitive analysis up-front to ensure that we had a strong understanding of the market, the goals of the company, plans for growth, and current pain points on the existing website. The legacy website did not reflect the current business interests or the company’s experience in development. The old property search functionality was not easy to use and needed to be better aligned with how consumers search for new apartments. Finally, from a marketing perspective, the site limited Kettler’s ability to leverage mobile and social channels. Informed with this research and market analysis, Bluetext recommended a streamlined information architecture along with a full content strategy that reflected the shifts in the company’s core messaging and business goals. and business goals.


Optimized UX with Mobile-First Design

In order to enhance Kettler’s global search optimization, Bluetext ensured that the website design & build utilized SEO best practices and provide the best long-term strategy for SEO from both a technical and content management perspective. To address the marketing team’s concerns the new website integrates social sharing across the website and showcases a mobile-first design strategy to streamline the high traffic coming from mobile devices. The new design provides visitors with a rich and compelling glimpse of Kettler’s business and uses an elegant visual design that is reflective of Kettler’s mission and leadership. The apartment search tool is simple and efficient for prospective residents to quickly find the apartment of their dreams. Finally, users can now add buildings to a list of “Favorites” that are stored in a user account on the site and can be accessed at any time from any device.


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Strategic Services Delivered

  • User experience strategy
  • Brand Analysis
  • Industry and Competitive Benchmarking
  • Persona Building
  • Scenario Construction
  • Customer Journey Modeling
  • Global search optimization Strategy

UX Services Provided

  • User experience design
  • Information architecture
  • Content strategy
  • Taxonomy Development and Integration
  • Digital branding
  • Mobile first interface
  • Social media / social sharing integration
  • User account creation for smart browsing & “Favorites”

Development Services Executed

  • HTML / CSS Development
  • Prototyping
  • Front End Scripting
  • Browser Compatability
  • Content Migration
  • CMS Development
  • Development of new content management system
  • Data aggregation and site search development

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