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“Trusting Bluetext means entrusting reliability and dedication to achieving our goals.”
Nick Panayai-Chief Marketing Officer

UI & UX Website Design

After a thorough audit of the existing website navigation, Bluetext developed a refined information architecture strategy to streamline paths to relevant content, enhance SEO value, and optimize user experience. With the new navigation in place, Bluetext created the new homepage wireframes to establish the ideal content flow based on user needs as well as the client's goals. The elegance of the visual brand was then combined with the structure of the wireframes to form a stunning and effective homepage design. Once the static elements were perfected, Bluetext created a dynamic and interactive motion study to bring each component to life.


Tailored Video Work

Branding and Logo Design

The logo’s spiral icon, which represents the sophisticated intricacy of a mechanical clock, is reimagined into a 3D graphic element capable of application across Inovalon’s wide array of creative mediums and production requirements. The glass texture represents the clarity which Inovalon’s technology brings to it’s client’s data.


New Brand In-Use

While the custom 3D glass element is striking in and of itself, we had to be sure that the brand elements could scale to applications ranging from keynote presentations to white papers to social media posts. Each touchpoint requires its own rationale and technique for leveraging the brand elements and telling the Inovalon story.


Sonic Logo Design

Bluetext and Inovalon crafted a magnificent sonic logo video bringing the new brand to life in a visual and audible experience. The story creates the new glass logo element from infinite grains of sand, similar to how the Inovalon platform creates order from seemingly in nite healthcare data.

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“Bluetext consistently delivers beyond expectations, providing solutions that never fail. Their commitment to our project's success mirrors our own at Inovalon, demonstrating a genuine care for the outcome. ”
Nick Panayai-Chief Marketing Officer

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