The Brand

After engaging Hughes in our brand discovery process, including stakeholder interviews, competitive research, and creative workshops, the new HughesNet brand was friendly and approachable, featuring a new logo and brand system with bright blues and orange. Brand guidelines and a complete collateral system were developed along with icon and image libraries.


Application of the Brand

Bluetext has leveraged the HughesNet brand in many projects throughout the years, including a large volume of indirect channel materials for local authorized retailer to use, print ads, digital ads, emails, and video. In the past few years, HughesNet has expanded into Latin America, with our agency supporting Go-to-Market efforts and building all countries’ websites, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador.

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New Digital Architecture

Once the new brand and messaging was established, Bluetext began work on the new website. Mobile responsiveness and e-commerce capability were paramount for our audience. The B2C site was designed and developed to introduce the service while pushing users through a direct response funnel to order. Over time, the design of the website has evolved to keep up with changes in service, messaging, and marketing needs. The flexibility of the Drupal 9 platform has allowed us to do this efficiently.

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SEO has always been a focus, in content optimization and technical architecture, with a recent focus on site speed due to Google’s Core Web Vitals considerations. We provide content marketing services and ongoing development for SEO.


We’ve also has the pleasure of working on a large number of videos for HughesNet over the years, including stock with voice over and custom illustration and animation work.

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