A Unique Digital Experience

Through collaborative field studies and research, Bluetext engineered a unique digital experience in the form of a personalized 4-question quiz. The quiz seamlessly guided the user to customized messaging and content based on their answers, while simultaneously gathering actionable user-insight which integrated directly to GMAC’s marketing automation platform. Not only did this redesign improve the campaign’s functionality and awareness – it created a holistic brand ecosystem which drove both the user and the client to their desired goal.

A Brighter Future

The revamped CallingAllOptimists.com campaign inspires people who are motivated to improve their professional situation or future opportunities to take action involving GME exploration. Bluetext designed a unique “Optimist” mini-brand which worked alongside the GMAC brand, subtly fortifying, refreshing, and empowering their global non-profit awareness. Introducing new aesthetic and messaging to an international audience, the Optimist brand captures both the courage and the celebration needed to assess one’s professional aspirations and take action to improve it.


Optimism in Action

The Bluetext team designed a media campaign to deliver personalized and culturally-agnostic content through paid social and programmatic media, new video assets, and radio advertising. The media strategy gathers it’s momentum through sensational visuals, engaging messaging, and efficient audience segmentation – delivering the right inspiration to the right person at the right time.


Driving Conversions

Driving the target audience to the site, the user is met with a unique welcome message correlated to the specific ad they engaged with. Taking the quiz and getting their personal Action Report, the user exits the experience with GMAC as a trusted professional mentor, continuing their relationship by opting-in to an email-nurture campaign.



Offering better navigation, readability, and ease of interaction with site content, the CallingAllOptimists.com microsite fulfills GMAC’s mission to authentically support their audience and vision as a leader in the industry.

400 k+

microsite visitors

50 k+

actions taken on the microsite

153 %

increase in website content clicks versus 2017 campaign


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