A spin-off of Galois, Free & Fair performs advanced research and development in election technology and security. Bluetext helped Free & Fair publicize their expert-reviewed, open-source technology as it relates to upcoming US elections.

Hacking the Cyber News Cycle

Def Con

More than 30,000 hackers will attend Def Con this weekend in Las Vegas. Many are volunteering their skills to attack, and perhaps protect, the voting.
Microsoft Prepping New tOOOLS TO fight Election Hacking
State election officials opt for 2020 voting machines vulnerable to hacking
CNN Business
Can this technology modernize how we vote?
Hackers Take on DARPA $10 Million Voting Machine
This Is How We'll Be Voting in 2020
Microsoft Offers Election Software That Will Flag Hack Attempts
Tech Crunch
The State of Election Technology is...Improving
MIT Tech Review
DARPA Is Trying to Build an Unhackable Open-source Voting System

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